"Yea, and that same God did establish his church among them; yea, and that same God hath called me by a holy calling, to preach the word unto this people and hath given me much success, in the which my joy is full." - Alma 29:13

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello from Chaiten-Again!

Hey what's up?

So the reason I write again is because I am finally back in Chaitén... So that means that no we didn't have a baptism.. You wanna hear about our last week? So we were doing well. Preparing everything for Saturday. So on Thursday we got a call and it was Elder Trujillo (from my group and a good friend) The AP of the south. He said that we needed to buy a ticket to Pto. Montt for Friday. We had a meeting with the zone of a couple of things that are different now or that have been changed. So we went and bought our tickets. But there was one more thing that he told us... We were having emergency transfers... Elder Vasquez is now in Los Muermos and I have a new companion for a week... Weird right? I have to teach my companion the sector in a week or less because we have to go back to Pto. Montt soon. So we had the meeting on Saturday and then the APs took Elder Vasquez to Los Muermos and I had my new companion. His name is Elder Dominguez, he is from Mexico. So we were going to buy tickets to come back to Chaitén Sunday in the night in the boat but there wasn't a boat that left that night. So we had to come here in bus this morning. We got back maybe an hour ago. So we wrote President Rappleye and now I'm here. So we are going to have the baptism this Saturday. My last week we are going to baptize. I'm really excited. But we are doing good now. Good to be done traveling.. For the week. I traveled last week, this week and next week I'll do the same... I'm so sick of traveling..................................................... But it's all good. So that was our week. Haha. Nothing too exciting. Hope that your week went well. 

I will make sure to take lots of pictures mom don't worry haha. We will see if they will let me take a picture with him in the water. That would be great and I want to see if I can. I would love to do it. We'll see what happens. 

Oh hey thanks mom!! It's good to know that I got in to a school haha. Hopefully everything works out for the best. I know it will. But it sounds like you have been busy at home. With the garden and everything. Well the back yard and my room and everything. It will be good. I know that it will. You don't need to stress about everything. It will good. 

Oh just so you know. I would love to hang out in Salt Lake for that day. I just want to be with you guys for a while and if Scott has to be back there at 4ish then we can go eat and just hang out at Temple Square. I'm ok with that. Just set everything up so that we can spend some time together. I'll be good with anything. But the Temple would be cool too. So sorry it's a little lame but that is pretty much everything that has happened. I'm doing well just a little bit of a head ache from the long travel. It was a little longer today because it was stormy. So we were on the boat for like 4 and a half hours or 5. But it's good. We are doing really well now. I hope that you all have a great week. I can't wait to talk to you guys soon. I love you guys tons!!

Un abrazo,

Elder Tyler Jolley

Monday, May 13, 2013

More from Chaiten

Hey everybody,

To start off it was good talking to everybody yesterday. Even though it's crazy like everytime with all the little ones haha. But it was good. I enjoyed it. Mom and dad thanks for everything you do. I was very happy that I stayed on a little longer just to talk to you guys after. It was good just talking to you two alone. Thanks for everything you do for me. I was also thinking that I will probably bring home 4 shirts. Well 3 and the one that I'll be wearing. But all the stuff I won't need I'll make sure to leave it. Both my suits are still in great condition so I will be bringing those home don't worry about that haha. My shirts are also in good condition but I just don't need all of them because I won't have to wear them everyday you know? But I will probably bring home a towel just in case. I have two but one will probably stay here ha. As for other stuff I will probably be leaving as I pack. I don't know exactly. Maybe a coat. If somebody needs a coat. I have one for rain and also one for warmth. I will see what happens don't worry. But We had a good week. I'm pretty sure that I have told you about it already. And I told you about the week to come haha. We are going to go to Pto. Montt but I don't think that we are going to have sobrecambios. Well actually I know that we won't because the ZL just called because I called them earlier and asked. But Nothing is going to go on. I will be coming back here to Chaitén and we will finish the cambio here. So I'm excited for that. But yea everything is normal. I am going to buy some stuff and we are going to go to the mall and have civilization and everything. I am excited to go and visit. It's been so much time since I've been to Pto. Montt. So yea. I think that is pretty much it haha. I don't know of anything that I didn't tell you guys yesterday. I haven't thought of anything else that I need or anything. I will be letting you know though as soon as I know. But yea.

Thanks for the picture of the Temple. It's gorgeous. It looks like it's coming along very well. Hopefully that everything goes well for you guys this week. Thanks for everything you do for me. I am so thankful that your my parents and family and friends. I love you guys so much. Sorry it's so short but I'm out of time and I told you guys everything yesterday haha. But I will be talking to you guys very soon. I hope that everything goes well and that your all safe. I love you guys tons.

Un abrazo,

Elder Tyler Jolley

P.S. this is our house/church. The 2 story part on the right is our house and the door on the left is the church!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Hello from Chaiten

Hey how is everything going?

I am doing really well. We had a good week. It went by really fast. Like the other weeks before. I don't even know where it went to. It's crazy how fast that week went. And that it's already Mothers Day. That is nuts too. But We had a good week. We were able to attend church and Waldo also came. He now has 2 attendances and is really excited to be baptized. He is a good guy. He even bore his testimony yesterday and everything. He is having a bunch of experiences. Like he hasn't had work and he left one day asking that God would give him work. He got to Centro and one guy talked to him about working for that company for 4 years and so he walked a little bit farther and then a guy offered him a job for 20-25 days. But he started today for the company. So he got work. He was also praying the other day about if God would let him know if the church is true and if Joseph Smith was a Prophet and he said he got a warm feeling and knew that it was true. He is progressing a lot. It's awesome. He was a miracle that we found. We haven't really done too much but he is just progressing through the roof. It's amazing watching him. He is the easiest investigator that I have had in my mission. It's kind of strange that I found him here in Chaitén. Just because the work here is a little different. But it's all good. He is a good guy. We have our fingers crossed for the 18th. He could do it then but his baptismal date is for the 25th. We will see what happens. 

That was pretty much our week. Nothing too exciting has happened just that but it's all good. So anyway today we arent' going to be doing anything. It's really cold and we woke up today and it was raining so hard. Yesterday there was a bunch of rain and it was so windy. I don't know how fast the wind was but it was nuts. So we are going to see what happens today. But I doubt that we are going to do anything. Oh and also mom just so you know, it is so green here. It has not changed colors. I don't know why it hasn't but it is still so green. No orange nor red leafs. That's the crazy thing. I don't know what is going on here. But it's still gorgeous here. It doesn't change anything that it's green. But I am ready for it to stop raining. That's one thing that I'm excited for. And that it won't be so cold. But We are doing well. It's been a good week and a great sector. 

Oh mom just so you know it will probably be better to talk in the afternoon. Sorry I totally forgot that it was this Sunday. They haven't given us any of the announcments. So this Sunday it will probably be better to talk in the afternoon. Because we don't know when there will be an internet open. This one will be closed so we are going to have to go talk with Eduardo to see if he can open his place to let us talk. Because he is closed Sundays too. So that is the problem. Because we haven't heard anything from our leaders we haven't planned anything. We are going to try for 6 p.m. here. I will go and talk to him to see if he will open it just for us so that we can skype. He will do it he is a good guy. But sorry we haven't planned anything. But let's plan for 6 here and so I think it's 4 your time. But I will let you know if there are any changes. 

Oh also I will make sure to call the office to see what's going on with my flight. I know your worried but there is not need to worry. Don't stress it haha. Everything will be alright. I will be home mom ha. I'm not going to be stuck here forever. 

That is so cool about the scholarship's that you are doing. That is a great experience and oppurtinity for the people who recieve them. That's awesome mom.

Other than that we are doing well. Nothing too new has happened. Just everything that I wrote. The time is just flying by. I can't believe that that week is gone now. But you know stuff happens. Well I love you guys tons!! Have a great week. I hope to hear from you soon and I'm excited to talk this next week. Have a great week and hopefully lots of blessings come your way. I love you guys.

Un abrazo,

Elder Tyler Jolley

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello from Chaiten

Hey there,

How is everybody doing? I am doing really well. We had a good week. Well it ended good. We had a normal week until about Friday. We had a service activity in the church and it turned out that nobody showed up.. It was pretty lame but whatever. It happened already. But President Uribe did show up a little late but it's all good. At least he showed up. So we started the 2 and we cleaned a bunch of ash from the volcano out from underneath our house. So that served for us. It turns out that ash can corrod the wood. (Sorry I don't know how to spell it). So we cleaned out as much as we could. Then when President Uribe got there we put in the cannon or the fireplace thing that we have for the room where we hold our meetings. So that was good so that we could have a little bit of heat for the members when they show up and they aren't too cold. And then we took advantage of going with President to the old church to take off the sign and we put it on our house/church. So now we are officially there. So that is good to have that up and everything. So after the activity we went to Edon (a supermarket where we buy pretty much everything). We were going to get a little snack because we had been working. There was a man there and he said hi to us and said he was meeting with the missionaries in Pto. Varas and also in Pto. Montt. He is origenally from Santiago but he is working down here. His family is up in Santiago. He almost got baptized before but some stuff happened with the family like his kids pulled the plug to the baptismal fount and all the water emptied out. Well long story short. He is here and he came to church yesterday and now he has a baptismal date for the 25th of may but he will be ready before then. He is prepared and he wants to follow the Lord and everything. He is a good guy. Actually today we went with him, because he doesn't really have too much, we went fishing. So that was cool but we didn't get anything. It was really cold and the tide was coming in and everything. Like it was a good day but we just didn't get anything. It was pretty bad but oh well. And we are going to meet with him later today and watch a movie or something. But he is good. 

So just so you know mom. I don't even remember writing that in the MTC. I think I remember a little bit but not too much.. Haha but that is awesome that Eric found it. That is pretty sweet.

So that is pretty cool about all the missionaries that we have in our ward. There are a lot. That is awesome that we have so many and that we are recieving the blessings of missionary work. Hopefully more and more get called. Even though we are getting to the point where a lot are going to be returning home. But more will be called. I'm thankful for the time and oppurtunity that I have had to serve and help out my bretheren here. I've learned so much. It's been amazing. 

I'm glad that everything is going well with Scott Kourt and the boys. Hopefully with the new little sweet baby everything is well in there house and they are having a good time. 

So anyway what was Kari Hall hoping that I could do to work for her? I am looking for a job haha. But I don't know what my schedule will be that is the thing.. That's the only bad thing. But just keep a watch out. I really wanted to try to go to the shop too. I want to see if I am still welcome there haha. Well Dylan said that wherever he is at he would have a job for me.. So I want to see if that is true haha. But I don't know. We will see what happens. If I go to Salt Lake I could talk to Bob. There is a shop is Salt Lake too. I don't know haha. 

Well thanks for everything. Thanks for writing and everything. I hope that you guys have a great week and that everything goes well. I am doing well here and having a good time. We are taking advantage of everything we can. It is tough when the time is going by so fast. It is speeding up right now. I don't even know where the last week went. It is crazy. It's going so fast. And if this cambio goes as fast as the last did... It will feel like I'll be seeing you in like 2 weeks. I don't know haha. 

Well I love you guys so much!! I hope that you have a great week and that you can do everything that you need to do! I know that the Gospel is true and that we are doing the Lord's work here in Chaitén. We are recieving a lot of blessings with Waldo. (That's the name of our investigator with a date). He is humble and just a good guy. Well I love you tons. I'll be talking to you soon!!! Have a great day and week.

Un abrazo,
Elder Tyler Jolley

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hey how is everything going? We are doing really well. We had a good week. We are staying together. So I think that we had the emergency cambios because President didn't want to spend more money to come back here together and then have to travel 2 weeks later for the cambios. So he just changed us then. I think that the same thing will happen with me. We have Zone Conference this cambio so I think that I will be taken out instead of come back to Chaitén and then have to go back a couple weeks later. So I don't know what is going to happen. But we are doing well. This last week we were able to teach a little bit. We went out to a member who lives like 5 hours walking. He lives pretty far. But we hitchhike. A couple who has been in Chile and Argentina for almost a year picked us up in their old VW van. They are from Belgium so it was cool. They speak like 5 languages. They speak 3 native languages there. And they learned English from watching movies with subtitles because all the movies there are in English. So that was lucky for us because they didn't speak too much spanish. But the were cool. They were really nice. I enjoyed the short time that we were there with them. So then they dropped us off and we went to Santa Barbara and to the beach a little. We got some good pictures and videos of some seals that were playing around in the beach. So then we continued our trip to the members. It was a long trip. It took like all day for us to get there to his house. We got home at like 9. And that is because the Branch President came and picked us up because he wanted to visit them too. But it was a good trip. I enjoyed it a lot. Other than that we have had a good week. We have been talking to a lot of people but nothing yet with any investigators. We will find some soon. I know that we will. We weren't able to teach too much this week but it went well. Not too much rain. That was the good part. It was raining a little bit today but not much. So that was good. But we went to a beach a little bit south of where we are at. There wasn't too much to see there. Some old boats but other than that we just took a couple pictures. We are good though. A good week. We are going to hang out the rest of the day though. I don't know what else we are going to to. We are going to make some lunch though. That will be good haha. So yea we are going to have a good week. Sorry it's been kind of boring so there isn't much to say about our week.
So just a note about U of U and the ROTC. Elder Nuttall told me that ROTC is not the way to go. Yea it pays but he said that he wouldn't recommend it. He practically said it was Hell haha. So I don't know if that's what I want to do. I will see what happens. I'll think about it. I will let you know though. But hopefully everything goes well with U of U. I would love to go there. That would be sweet. Hopefully everything goes good. I don't know where those documents are mom. Sorry. I don't know what to tell you about that..

The cake we are going to bake it. I don't have anything to really make it with. Our oven is a wood stove. We have to keep warm with wood. So it is difficult to tell the temperature of what I am cooking. I am going to talk to the mamita to see what she can do to help us. She always makes cakes so we will see. But anyway I still have it for now. But not for too long. I will be doing it. 

So other than that I hope that I have answered your questions ha. Sorry it's kinda short. I'm out of time. But I love you guys tons. Have a great day and week. I hope that everything goes well. I will talk to you guys next week. I'll let you know of any changes that might happen don't worry. I love you guys tons. Have a great week.

Un abrazo,

Elder Tyler Jolley

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More from Chaiten

So this wonderful scripture case came in a package from Southern Chile.  We were so excited to see the young man standing with Captain Moroni on the front.  The wonderful talents of the people of Chile!

Hey how is everything going? 

Hopefully everything is going good with everybody. I have had a good week. We were able to go today and take some good pictures and also I was able to write some letters to a couple of people that I have recieved recently because I get mail so little here. When we go to Pto. Montt and we see the Zone Leaders. So haha I have been writing a little bit. But it was a good day. We got some good pictures and everything. I enjoyed the day. But we were able to go to a Lighthouse that we have here in Chaitén and so it was cool. We were trying to find a lagoon that some people told us about. But we have to ask permission to go because the entrance is inside of a fence where somebody lives. So we are going to do it next week. But it was good. We will do it. I didn't even know that there was a lagoon here. So it will be cool to go. But that was our day until now. My comp slept a little bit but I was writing. I don't know when I am going to be able to send those letters. When I go to Pto. Montt. Maybe right before I leave Chile hahaha. But whatever. If that's how it goes then that's how it is going to be. But yea. It's been kind of a boring day. Well not boring but just that we didn't do too much. Now we are writing haha. But yea thanks for all the letters that I recieved. And Mom, I did recieve the picture. he is a cute little guy. I'm glad that everything is ok with him and Kourt. Send my love. And Mel, thanks for the video. I was able to see it. he is big now. I can't believe he is so big. Well it's because I don't know him but it doesn't seem that long ago that you told me he was born. It's just weird. I guess it's just that the time goes so fast here. It's weird to think that I have a little more than a month. It has just flown. But I am finishing strong. I don't ever really think of home so don't worry about me haha. I am focused and everything. Don't think that I'm trunky and just want to come home. Haha. Just so you know.
But anyway hey mom when is the convention? I would love to go. I just have to know because Diek told me that one of our friends is getting married like the 12th or 15th of June. I would like to be there if it's possible. I don't know what do you think?  If it is going to be after the 20thish I would love to go. I don't mind. I just would like to be there for my bud who is going to be getting married. But you can go ahead and buy me a ticket. That would be cool if you want to. 
So yesterday was good I guess haha. We had 8 people in church including us. It was raining and there were not too many who showed up. I guess they all have there excuses but whatever. The earliest to show up was the Branch President. And he showed up at like 10:20ish. He said he had something to take care of. But I can't judge anybody right? I don't know. But yea it was good. I had to give the class from Pres. Lorenzo Snow. It was good. We just got the class and started so I gave class number 1 haha. But it was good. 
So I don't know why we had Emergency Cambios. Probably to save money and I had a thought come lately and a couple dreams haha that I was going to be leaving this sector this next week and I will die in another sector. But I don't know. I can't say that it will happen. But Elder Vasquez says that we will see what happens next week. To be able to see why we had the cambios. Because he doesn't know why we had them either. So it is just kind of strange. We will see. If nothing happens this next week it was to save money so that we didn't have to travel again 3 weeks after we did. But I don't really know. I'll let you know next week though so that we all know. But the boat that we took there are seats like recliners. It was a different boat than the boat with the benches. So we were able to sleep a little bit. But now much. It was still uncomfortable. Having to sleep there 2 nights in a row. But whatever. It was fun, worth the experience right? haha. It was awesome. Something that I'll probably never do again so it's ok. 
Thanks for your love and support that you always give me. I hope that you have a great week. I can't wait to hear from you next week. The time is going so fast. I don't know where this last week. But I know that the Gospel is true and that we are a forever family. I have no doubt of a Prophet who loves and guides us. I have a great testimony of this work now. A lot bigger than it was at home. I love the Gospel. And am grateful for the things that it teaches. I love you guys tons. I will be talking to you next week. Thanks for all that you do. And for your love and support that you all give to me. I hope that everything goes well this week. Have a great day and week. 

Un abrazo,
Elder Tyler Jolley

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hey From Chaiten

Hey first off I want to thank everybody for your birthday wishes for me today. We have had a good day so far. We relaxed in the house a little bit then we went to eat lunch with our mamita. I don't know what else we are going to do today. Hang out and go buy food and stuff. Take some pictures maybe. It is probably just going to be a really chill day. Even though it is weird to think that it's been a year since my last birthday. It's crazy how fast the time goes. Just nuts. But thanks everybody for the letters that you sent me wishing a happy birthday.
Mom don't worry about a birthday package. It's probably in Pto. Montt right now. We just have to ask the Zone Leaders to send it in bus so that we can get it. But it's all good if there isn't anything to open. That's not what a birthday is all about ha. So don't worry mom. We are doing really well. We have had a good week. We were able to teach 2 lessons to an investigator. We had about 11 people in church and we had 0 investigators in church haha. But it's all good. We are going to work this week to get some investigators in church. We have a couple or 1 that is really good. I haven't taught him yet but we just need to find him. We couldn't pass by because we both had alittle bit of a cold. He didn't want his son to catch it. So we haven't been able to go. But we are going to pass by now. We are going to go today. Hopefully it's the day.. But we are doing well. We will get him. We were able to do some service. We painted a room upstairs to some ladies' house and helped them out a little bit with that. The thing is that the house is really old haha. So I knelt down and almost fell to the 1st floor. A wood plank thing broke and I fell a little bit nothing big. It was really more funny than anything. She told me not to worry about it and that the house is really old so things happen like that. She said that they are still in the process of fixing everything. So that was good that she wasn't mad ha. But just things like that is what we do here. We walk in the street offer service. But what Pres. Rappleye wants is that we can make friends with the people and then bring up the Gospel. That is what we are trying to do. But yea that was our big service for the week. And actually they own a restraunt on the first floor. There are only a couple places to eat out here but thats ok. I think we might go eat later. We are pretty full now. The mamita gave us a bunch of food. She is really good. She is a nice lady. She likes to pick fights with us as jokes so it's always fun at lunch. But anyway we don't just only serve. We look for oppurtinities to teach but sometimes they don't come like we want the to is all. But it's ok. It will progress, the work. Church went well. It was 2 hours like always haha. But a less active member that we are working with came. Actually he owns this internet place where we are at. But he is a good guy. So we got that he came for a little bit. It was good to see him. No, Luckly I didn't have to speak again. But I have an assaignment. I have to teach 2 of the 4 weeks of Sunday School. Since we don't have Priesthood or Relief Society, My companion will teach 2 weeks of Gospel Doctrine and I will teach 2 weeks of The Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Lorenzo Snow. So that is what is going on here in the Branch. We are also having an activity here this Friday. We are excited for that. We are also still planning what we are going to do haha. But it will come. I am also excited for General Conference that comes very very soon. We are hoping to see it in the church. We are trying to borrow a projector to use one of my sheets as a background and then we are going to us the Wi-Fi of the plaza that is close. I think that we can use it from where we live. So hopefully everything goes well with that. But the other lady who lives in the building is not a member. She is just a friend of the lady who we rent from. But she is moving out in April and the whole house will be ours to use. That is the good thing. I'm excited for that. It will be a whole lot bigger. It is a bigg house but right now we use a room for the Sacrament room. That is it for church. One little room. The rest of it is our house and her house. So that will be good.

Sounds awesome the activity in YW that you guys had mom. That would be really awesome. It would have been fun to be able to do it and see it. I'm glad that you were able to do it. Sounds like the girls learned a lot and so did everybody else. Not only the girls but the participents in everything.

Dad, thanks for your letter that you sent me. It is awesome to hear about your mission experiences. I don't know why I never asked to hear about them before I left. I would love to hear about them. It is also good to see that we have passed some of the same stuff in the mission even though the countries are so far away from each other. Thanks for your love dad and support as your son. I'm glad to have you and mom. Have a great week. Love ya tons.

Hopefully we will have a good week this week. And a good day of course. But that is pretty much everything that is happening here in Chaitén. We are doing well. We are better from our colds and everything. So that is the good thing. We are going to keep going with what we are doing and helping the people here in this sector. I hope that you guys have a great day and a great week. I can't wait to talk to you next week. Hopefully everything goes well and that you all have great blessings in store. Until next week. Love you all. Your friend.

Un abrazo,

Elder Tyler Jolley